Shareowner Resources

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Shareowner Resources

Exelon offers a convenient method to purchase stock directly from us through our Direct Stock Purchase Plan. Our plan is administered by our stock transfer agent, EQ Shareowner Services, and offers several options for buying shares, reinvesting your dividends and - should you choose to sell - our plan provides many of the same sales features and competitive fees found at full service brokers.

For Surviving Spouses, Heirs, Executors and Legal Professionals:

Contact our agent, EQ Shareowner Service, at (800) 626-8729 to request the necessary forms and instructions to change your account from joint tenancy to single ownership or to transfer the decedent's Exelon shares to a new owner.

If you sold your Exelon stock and are looking for the cost basis:

EQ Shareowner Services maintains all historical stock account records for Exelon and our predecessor companies. Call them at (800) 626-8729 and request historical account research to obtain your acquisition and dividend reinvestment history that is not available online. There will be a nominal fee (subject to change) for this archival research. Historical share prices for our predecessor companies are available here.

Contact Exelon directly with questions regarding your current or historical stock holdings:

Tom Boin, Shareholder Services Manager
(312) 394-3867