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          Set forth below is the text of a press release issued by PECO Energy
Company and Unicom Corporation concerning the logo for Exelon Corporation, the
company to be formed in their merger.

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PECO Energy Company or Unicom Corporation stockholders to approve the merger;
the risk that the PECO Energy Company and Unicom Corporation businesses will not
be integrated successfully; and other economic, business, competitive and/or
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          Investors and security holders are urged to read the joint proxy
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in the foregoing information because it contains important information. The
joint proxy statement/prospectus has been filed with the Securities and Exchange
Commission by Exelon Corporation. The joint proxy statement/prospectus was
declared effective by the Commission on May 15, 2000. Investors and security
holders may obtain a free copy of the joint proxy statement/prospectus and other
documents filed by PECO Energy Company and Unicom Corporation with the
Commission at the Commission's web site at The joint proxy
statement/prospectus and these other documents may also be obtained for free
from PECO Energy Company or from Unicom Corporation.

PECO Energy - David Hackney
Unicom - Donald Kirchoffner


Chicago, Illinois, May 25, 2000 --- The chairmen of both PECO Energy and Unicom
have unveiled the new logo that will be used by Exelon Corporation, which will
be formed by the merger of the Philadelphia and Chicago based companies.

[Exelon logo]

The logo is blue and green, with the letter "O" represented by the international
symbol for "power on."

"I am extremely pleased with the logo that will represent our new company," said
Unicom Chairman and CEO John W. Rowe.  "It communicates that Exelon will be a
bold and creative enterprise."

"As awareness of the new Exelon logo grows, customers, shareholders and
employees will realize that we've created a powerful new company unlike any that
has existed in the past," said PECO Energy Chairman and CEO Corbin A. McNeill,

The goal was to have a logo that was unique in look, tone and message; avoided
the expected; was easy to read; and reflected Exelon's values to be a bold and
creative company.

It was tested in a number of cities with business leaders, residential customers
and employees.  Many of the participants in the focus groups said they were
intrigued by the symbol representing the "O."  The symbol is located near the
"on/off" switch or button on computers, VCRs and other electronic equipment.

The "Power ON" symbol was selected because it not only represents Exelon's core
energy businesses, but also its unregulated business.  The blue and green colors
were selected so the logo would stand out from any other in the energy industry.

Following completion of the merger, the logo will be used on all businesses of
Exelon with two exceptions. The two energy delivery businesses - PECO Energy in
Philadelphia and ComEd in Chicago will retain their existing brands, but will be
known as Exelon Companies.

The logo was unveiled to employees earlier this week.

Editors Note:  The PMS colors for the logo are Pantone 286C and Pantone 368C.

The Exelon logo is a Service Mark (SM) of  PECO Energy Company and Unicom